30 de junho de 2015


Capturing the fleeting moments of a wave's journey to dissipation, Ray feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land. Freezing the ephemeral relationship between water and light is what drives and inspires him to clamber out of bed in the dark each morning to celebrate the sun rising over the sea.
Having only bought his first camera in 2007 to shoot his friends surfing around home, within a few short years Ray progressed to having companies such as Apple, Nikon, United Airlines, Isuzu, Qantas, Patagonia, National Geographic and Red Bull using his unique signature seascapes across their international campaigns.
Ray has been the recipient of the prestigious 'Follow The Light Grant' (2009), placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the ‘Australian Surf Photo of the Year' (2012), Semi Finalist in the 'Moran Portraiture Prize' (2012) named ’Emerging Sport Photographer of the Year’ (Capture Professional Photography Magazine 2013) Runner Up ‘Ocean Geographic - Pictures of the year’ (2013), Placed 1st in the 'California Academy Of Sciences - Big Picture Awards'  (2014), Portfolio Of The Year 'The Inertia' (2014), 'Overall Winner' and 'Best of Show' in 'The Ocean Art Photo Competition' (2015), Shortlisted Finalist of The Terry Oneill Photography Award (2015), 1st Place ‘Australian Surf Photo of the Year' (2015), 'Juror's Award' - 'The Center for Fine Art Photography - USA' (2015), Shortlisted Finalist for the prestigious 'Smithsonian - Annual Photo Contest' (2015). Winner 'American Aperture Awards' - Landscape/Seascape/Nature (2015).

Ray's work has been featured by Wired, Yahoo, CNN, ABC (USA), ESPN, Huffington Post & BuzzFeed and can regularly be found in Art, Lifestyle, Sport and Photography Magazines around the world, his Seascapes have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout The United States, Europe, The UK and Australia. 
Ray is proudly supported by Nikon AustraliaAquatech waterhousings, DaFin swim fins, Zion Wetsuits and Sun Zapper sunscreen

There's been some big waves around of late... Good times had swimming in the energy of the Pacific. X

Moods of the Ocean.


I love shooting underwater!


Waves have been good lately...

Eyes too sore for sight.


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity..." - Sêneca

This view is the reason we ride waves...
Shot this morning. X

I've spent around 24hrs in the ocean over the last 3 days... This is from one of those hours. #wild

Documenting perfection...

Thanks Surfline.com!

Hello friends in The U.S.A!
Be sure to tune in to The Weather Channel at 9:40am ET / 6:40am PST for a live segment where I discuss how important the weather is for making dynamic images... It's kind of crazy that my head is going to be beamed into 97.3 million households! Ah well, here goes!

This morning...

'Stone Wall' - for prints of my Seascapes check out


'Sea Monster' - for prints of this, or any other of my moody seascapes check

This image, and many others like it are in my new book 'Found At Sea' - I would get in soon to guarantee delivery before Christmas...

Iceland has been amazing so far!

Hello. Good thanks, how are you?

If you've ever swam or surfed Pipeline when it's doing it's thing, you cannot escape the captivating beauty of the wave. The energy in the water. The whole ocean is electric - and often frightening when you're lugging around 10kgs of camera gear.

An oldie, but I consider it a goodie...

Damien Wills, above and beyond...

Derek in a flaring nugget 'somewhere' in the Indonesian archipelago...

Garth Mac, Newcastle Escondido

Mark Mathews - Exit The Dragon.

The Ocean has many faces...

Rolling Hills, Dylan Perese.

Ray Collins descreve seu trabalho como interpretação de fótons e de como a luz se forma na frente da sua câmera enquanto ele nada no oceano. É uma forma bem poética de explicar sua fotografia mas é bem próxima da verdade.

Ele comprou sua primeira câmera em meados de 2007 com a intenção de fotografar seus amigos surfando e, depois de alguns anos, tem seu portfolio repleto de belíssimas imagens. Tanto que, muitas delas são requisitadas por empresas como Nikon, Apple, United Airlines, Isuzu, Qantas, Patagonia, National Geographic e Red Bull. Abaixo, você vai entender o porquê de tudo isso.


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