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Viktor Mazhlekov is a contemporary artist born in 1979 in Bulgaria. His unusual style, which he calls astral postrealism, has evolved with its uncommon atmosphere, forms, and colours. The artist uses a unique painting technique, which is extremely time-consuming, so usually just a few paintings can be made per year. His art is popular all over the world, and his artworks are kept in many private collections. To the moment, Viktor has had 7 personal exhibitions around Europe.

I like to experiment with oil paints, and I do use different techniques to lay the paint on canvas. I do my paintings using many layers, thus trying to achieve the effects of depth, density and colour playfulness. On the other hand this prolongs the period of creating an oil painting, which often takes more than a month.
Bright faraway
Oil on canvas, Five layers  Oil paints: Talens “Rembrandt”  “Leningrad”
2012, Plovdiv, BulgariaSize – 100×80 cm

 Oil on canvas, Five layers  Oil paints: Talens “Rembrandt” “Leningrad”
2012, Plovdiv, Bulgaria   Size – 80×65 cm

Portal keeper
Oil on canvas, Five layers  Oil paints: Talens “Rembrandt” , “Leningrad”
2011, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  Size – 65×80 cm

Oil on canvas, Five layers  Oil paints: Talens “Rembrandt” , “Leningrad”
2011, Plovdiv, Bulgari  Size – 65×80 cm

Awaiting for a change
Oil on canvas, Five layers
Oil paints: Talens “Rembrandt” , “Leningrad”
2011, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  Size – 100×80 cm
The cocoons
Oil on canvas   2009, Asenovetc, Bulgaria  Size – 75х90 cm
Orange silence
Oil on canvas  2009, Asenovetc, Bulgaria   Size – 75х90 cm

 Home on the hill
Oil on canvas  2009, Asenovetc, Bulgaria  Size – 90х75 cm

Oil on canvas, Five layers   Oil paints: Talens “Rembrandt” , “Leningrad”
2012, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  Size – 65×80 cm

hey-ho city
moly on the run
torment 5


The Animated film “Portals“ tells us a story about birth of a Soul and her self discovery journey. During the journey, She goes through many worlds and undergoes many metamorphoses. Gone a long way and thousands of transformations the Soul reaches Her endpoint, only to realize that new circle from the evolution spiral awaits Her, that She was not alone, either for a second, because She is a particle from – God
a short animated film
visual concept & idea: Viktor Mazhlekov
directed & written by Simeon Sokerov
animation: Studio Sokerov / produced by Chaos Group
music by: Doncho Genov & Anelia Pavlova / final song -Hap-Hej by DVA – Jan Kratochvil and Barbora Kratochvilova
script doctor: Radoslav Kamburov
modeling, textures & shading: Danail Nikov, Simeon Sokerov, Radosvet Mihtarski, Viktor Mazhlekov
animation: Vesselin Kushev
technical directors: Blagoy Kostov, Simeon Sokerov
compositing: Simeon Sokerov, Blagoy Kostov
Do you know, that: Astral postrealism is an artistic style the gravity field of which is the study of emotions and perceptions. The leading idea of this trend is not that much the ability for intellectual understanding and rationalizing of matters as the talent to feel things deeply and integrate them into authentic mental universes. The style gains distinction with its bright palette of colours and rich expressiveness of details. They all contribute to the building of composition made of forms beyond the actual existence; forms which tear apart all limits of our long-established ideas and take us on a journey to the kingdom of original purity. There, eliminating all conventionalities, it reveals to us different physical laws, unusual perspectives and a sense of visual diving into the subconscious. The impact of the astral postrealism is magnetic and fancy. It merges dreams with reality. It unlocks the various powers of creativity, provokes them to explore unknown emotional depths and unleashes the imagination to make it simple and pure as that of a child :)


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