30 de janeiro de 2017


MARIO HENRIQUE lives and works in Portugal as a designer
and a painter.
Graduated in Communication Design from Lisbon’s University of
Fine Arts, he started his career as a designer of e-learning
systems, digital marketing platforms and websites.
During this time, he won design efficiency awards from
independent entities, and was invited to work as an assistant
teacher of arts and multimedia by his former high school.
Later, as a creative director, he recruited and led teams of
designers and developers working on various online projects in
Portugal, Spain and Brazil.
In all of his projects, drawing and photography were always kept
as the main foundations - this is clear in his paintings, which are
parallel to his work as a designer.
Listed in private collections in Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK,
Germany, Switzerland, Brasil and USA, in 2016 he presented two
solo exhibitions: «Impulsus» at Verney Gallery (Oeiras, Portugal)
and «Icon» at Casino Lisboa Art Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal). He
was also awarded with an Honourable Mention for his
participation in the group exhibition at the Brasilia Biennial of
Contemporary Art 2016 (Brasília, Brazil).
Mario owns a studio/gallery located in Cascais Marina (Portugal),
where some of his paintings are in permanent exhibition.

Vultus 1  2017  acrylic and canvas 110 x 110 cm

Vultus 2   2017  acrylic and canvas 110 x 110 cm

Vultus 3  2017 acrylic on canvas 110 x 110 cm

Vultus 4 2017 acrylic on canvas 110 x 110 cm

Vultus 5 2017 acrylic on canvas 110 x 110 cm

Lupita 2016  acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Untitled 2016  acrylic on canvas  100 x 100 cm

Júlio Pomar (detail) @ ICON exhibition, opening next Saturday 24 Sep around 6:30pm, at Casino Lisboa Art Gallery. 

Audrey Hepburn (detail) @ ICON exhibition, opening SAT 24 Sep around 6:30pm, at Casino Lisboa Art Gallery. 

Andy Warhol (detail) @ ICON exhibition, opening SAT 24 Sep around 6:30pm at Casino Lisboa.

Red Jagger (acrylic on canvas, 110x150 cms) - detail. On display @ "impulsus" exhibition, coming in May 14. Details

Bjork" 2016 (acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cms)

Woody Allen wishes you a great weekend - "Woody Allen" 2016 (acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cms

Decided to open 2016 with a diptych.

Versus In Blue, 2016 (acrylic on canvas, 130 x 92 

1. Painting is a constant. It’s not a profession nor a hobby, from
which I may be able to conveniently disconnect myself, in
accordance to my state of mind. Painting cannot depend on
motivation. It is more important to be aware in the right place, at
the right time. The act of laying paint on a canvas is just a mere
consequence of this awareness.
2. Painting is a skill, not a gift. The creative expression is real,
material and only possible through technical literacy. In current
times, knowledge and communication are immediately
accessible. I must use all means available to express my
creativity and paint with resilience, discipline and conscience that
my technique is always a step behind my expectations.
3. Painting is theft. A steal from reality. A painting is not an exact
description, but a rational reinterpretation of reality, based on past
memories tainted by imagination. Without this reinterpretation,
and without audience to judge it, art is impossible.
4. Painting is always a point of no return. All mistakes lead to
possible solutions - so they need to be recognized, celebrated
and promptly surpassed. Frustration is unproductive.
5. Painting is impulsive. The dynamics of the execution should
be tangible in the final artwork, relating technique and
consequence. One should paint less but very often.
6. Painting is soulless. The liveliness of a portrait, and the
empathies that it may convey, are simply the synergies between
the painter and the observer. This is a silent dialogue, made
possible by the object-painting.
7. Painting is not my responsibility. I can answer for the
process, which should be transparent in the artwork, but not for
the final result, that I could never anticipate. Random ocurrences
and mere chance are relevant and present factors; I could never
be appointed as the only author of a painting.
8. Painting is unnecessary. And owning that which is
unnecessary is the epitome of the human condition. A work of art
is always unnecessary, and its function is to be owned for
contemplation. There is nothing more human than art.
9. Painting is without end. There’s too much information in the
human figure, to be summarized in a portrait. A painter’s job is to
edit this information, to discriminate. The parts should symbolize
the whole, which in turn, is never conclusive.
10. Painting should not be loved. Only the next artwork
deserves full devotion and interest.

Mario Henrique Studio/Gallery
Mario owns a studio/gallery in Cascais Marina (Portugal),
where some of his paintings are in permanent exhibition.
Gallery hours
Tuesday - Friday
2:30pm - 7pm
(and by appointment)
Marina de Cascais - L10
2750-800 Cascais, Portugal
(+351) 936 668 464
Facebook: mhstudiogallery
Instagram: mariohenrique.studiogallery
LinkedIn: mariohcoelho
London representation
Mr. Andrew Storey
(+44) 7966 501697

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