9 de fevereiro de 2017


Born Glasgow, Scotland, educated in London. Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain since 2002. Recent works reference hotels, airports, malls and pools - the artificiality of man made structures. From satellite dish to pool, these elements of the modern landscape are connected in the mind of the viewer. Different techniques are used for specific images, the medium must relate to the subject. Rather than illustrate, I make a visual equivalent of the emotions and ideas related to each. Although these paintings can be viewed as abstract they are strongly derived from reality. I have exhibited with the London based Bicha Gallery and shown extensively internationally. My work is collected in New York, Toronto, Singapore and Europe, both in private and corporate collections

Having always chosen to live and work in the urban city, first in London and during the last 13 years, Barcelona, my art is inspired by the collective experience of contemporary living. City life is filled with an array of imagery; from airport and train station digital monitors to pixilated television and computer screens in the home; city landscapes lit up at night; supermarket shopping aisles and their myriad of packaging, lighting and random colour combinations. I am fascinated by this imagery and combine aspects of this reality to create an equivalent visual experience. The relationship between urban living and all its technology is a recurring theme and influence in my work.
I work in series so I can explore and expand on an idea that develops with each painting. Experimenting with colour, mark making and technique to allow each work to have it’s own uniqueness whilst retaining the concept and connection to each other. Although each painting belongs to a series it is very much intended to stand alone both visually and conceptually.
Ultimately my intention is to reproduce without representing, evoke without illustrating and express without formulating,
Colin McCallum


The title Flux refers to the fluidity and movement of the paint and the way it changes as viewed. The paint is a mixture of pure and mixed colours, metallic and fluorescent which vibrate and contradict in harmony and disharmony yet overall form a unified image. The paint is dragged and poured in bands working methodically across the canvas so I have to make careful choices about the colour and tone next to each to keep the image balanced and fluid. I don’t see the final piece until the canvas is fully covered.  The colours and tones are never repeated so this series offers endless combinations and possibilities in both large and small format.

flux lime fuchsia blue  2016  70 x 70  cm

flux purple green orange  2016   120 x 120 cm

flux green red blue 2015  120 x 120 cm


In my Interference series, which evolved around 2010, I want to create a hypnotic attraction for the viewer. Each painting is created with multiple layers of colours applied first in thin bands and then gradually built up, the paint is poured by hand and colours carefully chosen to react with each other, combining fluorescent paints for extra vibrancy. Each pigment vibrates on a wavelength making the proportions bend and distort according to the lighting so every viewing delivers a new experience. There are possibilities of endless combinations.

interference blue purple lime red  2015  97 x 130 cm

interference indigo purple orange  2015  130 x 167 cm

interference blue violet orange  2015  97 x 130 cm

interference gold yellow orange  2013  97 x 130 cm

interference purple green wellow  2012  97 x 130 cm


The Template series dates back to 2012 and I have created several versions since experimenting with the technique of pouring. The paint is poured onto fluorescent white, I mix the colour specifically to the shade I want and the preparation is essential to the final result, I control the paint as it flows but it has a life of its own so I can never be sure of the shapes, the canvas is left flat until paint is totally dry and only when I place it upright on the wall can I see the final image, it is always exciting and each one is totally unique, it is impossible to replicate. These works contrast to my other series in that they are more organic in aspect and just use one colour on white, the simplicity of the technique and colour palette contrasts with the complexity of the shapes within the image.

template fluorescent violet  2016   130 x 162 cm

template deep fluorescent pink  2015   97 x 130 cm

template green  2013 97 x 130 cm

template indigo  2013  97 x 130 cm


This series were the first I experimented with spray paints and stencils. I wanted to use repeat motifs with graduated colour, transparent and opaque still using the fluorescent white frame within the image as a kind of door way or architectural symbolism. The images can be viewed in many ways, digital landscapes or interiors.  I have used many colour combinations and patterns within the series so that they are all different but work well as a collection and in smaller and larger format.

prism violet pink orange  2014  120 x 120 cm

prism purple magenta green  2014  70 x 70 cm

prism green yellow red  2014   70 x 70 cm

prism magenta yellow white 2014   120 x 120


My Foyer series have evolved with each work in the collection, the idea of multi linear coloured vertical strips, mixing in fluorescent and metallic paints with acrylic, creating space and texture, working well close up and also from a distance, playing with the visual perspective. My inspiration, as with the majority of my work is the man made world we live in within crowded urban cities full of artificial lights and structures that disturb and distort our senses.

foyer metallic 2015   120 x 120 cm

FOYER  2014  120 x 120 cm

FOYER  white 2011  150 x 150 cm

foyer lines 2009  80 x 80


There are so far a total of 3 works in this series all large square format. This series started in 2008 and each piece is very much to do with structure and contrast with less colour work. They are more tonal in appearance with the emphasis on movement of horizontal lines and boxes, flowing like a computer print out or an electrical circuit. The paintings begin with an under layer which is built up with the lines on top, connecting with each other at specific points.

index red pink 2012   112 x 117  cm

index grey white  2010  120 x 120  cm

index black  2008  120 x 120 cm

neon 2013  100 x 100 cm

circuit purple silver green 2013  150 x 150 cm

circuit 2012  150 x 150 cm

wave 2012  70 x 70  cm

shutter 2012  130 x 130  cm

interface 2010  150 x 150  cm



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