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“I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behaviour. I want to create objects with my hands, then I can give them my personality. I turn them into communicative objects that can arouse one’s sensations and imagination. In short, what I want to create are objects with a fictional or fantasy element, that allow you to escape everyday life.” -Nacho Carbonell-

Nacho Carbonell graduated in 2003 at the Spanish university Cardenal Herrera C.E.U. and the 27 of January 2007 at the Design Academy Eindhoven, with the projects “Dream of sand” and “Pump it up”, and was honoured with Cum Laude. Once graduated he created collections such as Evolution in 2009, which won him nominations to the design of the year by the London Design Museum, and which marked his ongoing collaboration with Galleria Rossana Orlandi. In 2010, a year after being named Designer of the Future by DesignMiami fair organisers,  This identity ,  which defines his actual style of organic forms and rough and colourful finishing textures, is bringing him into an international scene of private collections and museums, such as the Groningen Museum in The Netherlands, and the 2121 Museum in Japan, all attracted by the uniqueness of materials and techniques applied in his works. Nacho currently works with his team in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, were he has established his studio.

Light Mesh

Nacho Carbonell has joined the gallery  Carpenters Workshop Gallery with the ‘Light Mesh’ collection.
Is selection of new lamp sculptures from his ‘Cocoon’ series produced using a unique form of plaster, which incorporates sand and textile hardener, set around a steel frame invented by the artist.
Also with some ‘Tables Cocoon’ ,are comprised of organic-shaped semi-transparent cocoons varied in form, fitted by a loosely structured sand-coloured mesh, illuminated from the inside so that the light diffuses through producing a natural warm light. Each unique, these four hybrid works, tables and lamps at once, seem to suggest expressive creatures, as fantastic as fascinating.


With the excuse of a solo exhibition in Paris at Carpenters workshop Gallery,Nacho develop further the series of “Light mesh” collection
For this occasion he wanted to recreate a Forest of lamps where to walk and get inspired by colour, shapes, and textures…
He create 9 magnificent tree lamps, 3 wall lamps imitating climbing plants, 2 medium size table lamps like bushes , 1chandelier, 3 table-lamps… a total of 18 new pieces to recreate his fantasy and imaginative “Forest”

Collectie Groninger Museum

Just like libraries and archives, museums
are also places where ideas and
knowledge are stored and conserved.
New thoughts and concepts develop
here too. Carbonell’s latest series refers
to such institutions. Thoughts and ideas
rise up from the tables and chairs, as
it were, as semi-transparent, cloudlike
forms. Altogether they constitute a sort
of superbrain, like a dynamic internet
cloud, a bees’ hive or anthill, with
a multitude of voices, insights and
The work is also an investigation into
forms and materials. To Carbonell,
the challenge lay in the realization of
various degrees of transparency and the
application of colour.

2007 – Winner Grand Prix SEB 150 years, July
2009 – Design of the year nomination: Lover’s Chair – Design Museum London
2009 – Designer of the Future, DesignMiami Basel – Switzerland

Tree Chair’s family

metal structure, metal mesh, cork and textile hardener (247h x 98w x x133L) cm

metal structure, metal mesh, cotton and textile hardener (225h x 168w x 247L)cm

Tree Chair issues from a fairytale-like
fantasy about a wooden chair that looks
out of the window one day and realizes
that it used to be just like the trees
outside. Yearning to return to its former
state, the chair grows to become a hybrid
tree-chair. Users can choose to sit on it
‘normally’ but can also climb into the
upper part via the ladder, from which
position they can observe events below
from a safe place on high or – even
better – can roll up and take a nap. For
the coating, the designer made use of
a mixture of dried leaves, among other
things. In conjunction with the Tree
Chair, the other two objects, which were
realized this year, form a kind of family of
individuals, each with its own character

Cumulus Collection

CUMULUS Collection.

This collection talks about the concept of being “under pressure”.
The Table shows a “cloud” of worries, ideas, thoughts, duties and obligations that everybody carries with themselves constantly.
The chair shows  this feeling of being “under pressure” from society, family, business and even yourself,  represent by this flexible light leds that stick out to look over your shoulders.

Communication Line

Communication line” is  a social bench which enables us to explore the ways     which we communicate between each other.
It places you in the situation where you are a key part of the line where the     message is broadcast.
The participants are the filters of the original message, a message that can     get manipulate, reinterpreted or even reinvented from the original content.

Katrinakerk is important in the background of the project, the church already is     a strong symbol of communication and transmits a message to millions of     people. In the ”Communication Line,” project, Nacho wants to capture the way     that we relay information to one another and the transformation this     information can under go.

Time is a Treasure

Nacho Carbonell presents his first work incorporating hard stones with “Time is a Treasure”.the starting point of this project: slices of blue agate, the interior of which was kept by French jewellery houses to create jewellery and clocks. Nacho choose to reinstate these neglected stones with their own right to become clocks too, reinterpreting them in the light of his approach at the junction of mineralogy and genetic manipulation.”In the end the stones gave me the idea of what they wanted to be, their frustration fuelled their desire. By imagining my own clocks, I wanted to reinstate them with what had been taken from them”

the Strange and endearing “Time is a Treasure” creatures thus expand the immediately distinctive Carbonell family. A far cry from the principle according to which form follows function, Nacho breaks with all convention to develop, from material and a narrative intention, clocks which only provide the time if one takes the “trouble” to look deeper within.

Unique pieces, these communicative zoomorphic clocks maintain the balance of opposites which animates any work nature. the rough and burnished bronze exterior resembles the hide of an unspecified species.The blue agate head opens onto a polished mirror interior which encompasses a concealed but distinctly ticking clock.And appeal to our imagination, sensivity and the ability of each of us to dream.

This new Collection of Nacho Carbonell had been commissioned by Galerie BSL in Paris.and was presented first time at Design Miami/Basel 11-16 June 2013 Basel, Switzerland

Unknown Shell

This project was made for  Trienale museum of Design in Milan, Italy, for the exhibition Kamma, sex and Design. December 2012.
The pieces celebrate the unity and completeness of a woman. From the outside they resemble a collection of voluptuous female bodies. They come together as a mutated fantasy of all shapes and curves that once touched the hands or heart of a man.
The entrance is like a mouth where you can climb in and through which you can dive into the unknown. You land in the softness of the womb to feel both like a child that is carried by the safety of a mother, as well as a man becoming one with his lover. Once you give in to this deep-rooted desire, you will be rewarded by warmth and wholeness. The sense of being in her body makes you forget about your own.

Skin Collection

In the Skin furniture, a thin, closely adhering and elastic layer allows the user to place objects underneath it. This layer adapts and takes the form of the objects, creating spontaneous contours that lead your curiosity to discover what hides beneath them. Nacho wants us to become playful and child-like: “You’ll feel like playing hide and seek!” he says and follows on to explain why he chose for the unconventional leg heights, “it’s all about changing the point of view, one’s way of perceiving things”.


2006 – Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (SPAIN)
Presentation of “Por las Ramas” selected work of the Spanish Design competation “Injuve”

2007 – Milan Forniture Fair (ITALY)
Presentation of the graduation projects ” Pump it up” and “Dream of sand” in Designersblook

2007 – Design Parade _ 2e Festival International of Design (Villa Noailles, FRANCE)
Winner of the Design Parade concourse with the projects “Pump it up” and “Hot Kettle”

2007 – Valencia Forniture Fair (Valencia, SPAIN)
Presentation of the “Pump it up”

2007 – Casa Decor (Valencia, SPAIN)
Presentation of the “Pump it up”

2007 – Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS)
Presentation, at the graduation show organized by the Design Academy Eindhoven, of the projects “Pump it up” and ” Dream of sand”

2008 – Modefabriek _ 24th Edition (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)
Presentation of “Pump it up” at the superstore four: biosfeer, at Virtuele Broeikas

2008 – Milan Forniture Fair (ITALY)
Presentation of collection “Evolution” in Spazio Rossana Orlandi

2008 – C!rcus Exhibition (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)
Presentation of the project “Pump it up” at the C!rcus exhibition organized by the dutch design hotel Artemis

2008 – Singletown _ Biennale d’architettura (Venice, ITALY)
Presentation of the project “Pump it up” within the exhibition “Singletown” organized by Droog Design

2008 – Design is Air (Seoul, South Korea)
Presentation of the “Pump it up” during the Seoul Design Week

2009 – Designers Fair 2009 _ Rhein Triadem (Cologne, GERMANY)
” Por las ramas” presentation at the RheinTriadem in Cologne. The exhibition has been organized by Reinhild Kuhn

2009 – Brit Insurance Design Award _ London Design Museum (UK)
Nominated “Design of the Year 2008″. Presentation of the “Lover’s Chair ” (Evolution Collection) at the London Design Museum

2009 – New Directions in Design _ Vivid Gallery (Rotterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)
Presentation of Nacho’s work at “New directions in design” exhibition

2009 – Archeology of the Future _ Designhuis (Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS)
Presentation of ” One Man chair” (Evolution collection) at the exhibition “Archeology of the Future”

2009 – Craft Punk _ Spazio Fendi (Milan, ITALY)
Presentation of “Beasts” at the exhibition “Craft Punk” at spazio Fendi organized by Design Miami/Basel

2009 – Milan Forniture Fair (Milan, ITALY)
Presentation of “Together”, a series of rare one-offs by Nacho Carbonell at Spazio Rossana Orlandi
Presentation of “Skin” collection at Droog Design Space

2009 – Opening Droog (New York, USA)
Presentation of the ” Table + 2″ from the Skin collection, during the opening of the Droog shop in New York

2009 – Design Miami/Basel Art Fair (Basel, SWIZERLAND)
Presentation of the “The Fertility Cave” for the “Designer of the Future Award”
Rossana Orlandi Gallery presented for the first time the Tree Chair and the Front Cocoon together with the other Evolution collection’s pieces

2009 – Fumi Gallery _ London Design Week (London, UK)
Presentation of the “Corn” collection during the London Design Week

2009 – Experimenta Design Lisboa (Lisbon, PORTUGAL)
Presentation of some selected Evolution pieces at the exhibition curated by Hans Maier-Aichen

2009 – Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS)
Brainport included “The Lover’s chair” in their exhibition called “Happy Living”
Presentation of the first Diversity collection’s piece during the exhibition “Caos and Orden” of Atelierdorp in Stip-S

2009 – Affordable Art Fair (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)
Hot Kettle Porcelain and Hot Kettle Bronze had been exhibited at the Fair by Particles Gallery (owners of the pieces)

2009 – I’m in love! _ Tokyo Design Week (Tokyo, JAPAN)
Lecture about Nacho’s work inside the program “I’m in love!” and exhibition at the spanish embassy in Tokyo

2010 – Maryland Institute College of Art MICa (Washington, USA)
Presentation and lecture within the cultural program “preview Spain Arts & Culture”
The program, organized by the embassy of Spain together the Spain-USA foundatio, celebrates the spanish Precidency of the European Union

2010 – Vincon Barcelona (Barcelona, SPAIN)
Presentation of the Nacho’s most significant works during the exhibition at “La Sala Vinçon” organized by Paolo Maistri

2010 – Milan Forniture Fair (Milan, ITALY)
Presentation of the “Diversity” collection at Spazio Giafranco Ferrè (Milan); the collection is owned by the Rossana Orlandi Gallery

2010 – Opening BSL Galerie (Paris, FRANCE)
Opening of the BSL Galerie in Paris with the presentation of some “Evolution” foam animals and some long legs bronze animals
(pieces commissioned and owned by the Gallery)

2010 – Design Miami/Basel Art Fair (Basel, SWIZERLAND)
Presentation of “Bush Of Iron” with Rossana Orlandi Gallery

2010 – 21_21 Design Sight Tokyo Museum (Tokyo, JAPAN)
Lecture about Nacho’s work for the “Post fossil excavating 21st century creation” exhibition curated by Lidewij Edelkoort

2010 – Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS)
Presentation of “Brain Ideas”, in the collective exhibition of Atelierdorp

2010 – Archaic Shelter _ Maison & Object (Paris, FRANCE)
Presentation of two pieces of the Diversity collection and the maquettes of all the pieces of the same collection

2010 – Design Miami/Basel (Miami, USA)
Presentation of three Diversity collection’s pieces and creation of a wall installation at the champagne company’s stand Dom Ruinart

2010 – Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, USA)
Presentation of the Lover’s chair (Evolution Collection) during the exhibition “Hyperlinks” (piece owned by the Museum)

2011 – Luciferase _ BSL Galerie (Paris, FRANCE)
Presentation of the Luciferase Collection at the BSL gallery in Paris (collection owned by the Gallery)

2011 – Post Fossil _ Museum of Holon (ISRAEL)
Presentation of the Evolution collection’s pieces during the “Post Fossil” exhibition (redesigned and expanded for this museum by Lidewij Edelkoort)

2011 – JUSTMAD Contemporary Art Fair (Madrid, SPAIN)
Presented two pieces of the Diversity collection from Rossana Orlandi Gallery

2011- Varias College (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)
Design and production of a bench for the Varias College, a new high school in Den Haag.

2011- Milan Furniture Fair (Milano, Italy)
Presentation of the maquettes of “Playground closes at dusk” for Design Miami/Basel 2011

2011- Design Miami/Basel (Basel, SWIZERLAND)
Presentation “Playground closes at dusk” with the Rossana Orlandi Gallery and new pieces of the collection “Luciferase” with the BSL Gallery.

2011-Marta Herford Museum (GERMANY)
NOW perceptions of Time and Contemporary Design, The “Hot Kettles” are part of this exhibition, september-december 2011

2011-Workshop (Boisbuchet, FRANCE)
The Centre Georges Pompidou and Vitra Design Museum give every summer design courses and workshops This year Nacho has been invited to do a workshop, he title “Harvest to create..”

2011-Material research/examples Exhibition (Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS)
A selection of material example made during the process development of the products in Nacho’s workshop are presented now in ONOMATOPEE space, until Dutch design week, october 2011.

2011-State Museum of Architecture (MUAR),(MOSCOW)
Fro the Moscow desing week, an exhibition curated by Lidewij Edelkoort ,ORGANIC DWELLING:“biomimicry in design & architecture”.

2011-Exhibition “3 years” at Rossana Orlandi ( Milan, ITALY)
A retrospective over these last 3 years of collaboration between Nacho and his gallery in Milan, Rossana Orlandi.

2011-Worshop (Martinique, FRANCE CARAIBE)
Two weeks Workshop with the design students on the IRAVM design/art School.

2012-Lecture at San Francisco, (U.S.A)
With the spanish embassy and MOMA S.F,presentation of the book “Bravos”

2012-Lecture at Indian Design Forum (New Delhi, INDIA)
Lecture of his work inside the program IDF 2012, “The power of Design”

2012-Exhibition at “Design Days Dubai” Fair ( Dubai,United Arab Emirates)
Galerie BSL, present new pieces of Nacho’s collection “Luciferase”

2012-Lecture at Circolo dei Lettori (Torino, ITALY)
Lecture of his work inside the program IN Residence_Design that Talks!

2012-Milan Furniture Fair (Milano, Italy)
Presentation of “Silent Wall” and Soft led light bulb( for Booo company) in Rossana Orlandi, and Japan Creative ¨Simple vision¨exhibition at Museo Minjuzzi

2012-Lecture at INNETY events (Cagliary, ITALY)
Lecture of his work for the residence program Innesty.

2012-Exhibition at MINT museum ( Charlotte, U.S.A )
Exhibition for the new pieces of the permanent collection of the museum inside of the program VOTE FOR ART.

2012-Workshop (Boisbuchet, FRANCE)
Inside the  Centre Georges Pompidou and Vitra Design Museum  summer workshops. Nacho gives his 2nd workshop title “Harvest to create..”

2012 – Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS)
presentation of “Comunication Line”

2012-Solo exhibition in “Galeria del Arte” (Zurich, SWIZERLAND)
Collection of his work at the exhibition Furniture/scuptures.

2013-Lecture in the Design University La Rioja(Logrono, SPAIN)
inside the program of lectures with diferent national and international designers.

2013-Milan Furniture Fair (Milano, Italy)
Presentation of “45 blue chandelier” , “medium movile” and “library Chair” in Bagatti Valsecchi museum with Rossana Orlandi gallery ,and  the new ” see-saw” chandelier for Booo company at Rossana Orlandi gallery.

2013- Design Miami/Basel (Basel, SWIZERLAND)
Presentation of the new collection of Clock “Time is a Treasure” with BSL Gallery.

2013- Design Workshop (Syros, GREECE)
Lecture “service design, design for sustainability” in the `Design University.
2013- Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS)
Opening of our workshop, new work with yuta and concrete
2013- Design Miami (Miami, U.S.A)Presentation new pieces for “time is a treasure” collection with galleria BSL, and new work “Panta Rei” with Rossana Orlandi galleria.
2014- World design capital Cape Town 2014  (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)
invited to present some of his work as the featured Designer.
2014-Milan Furniture Fair (Milano, ITALY)
Presentation of Cumulus collection ,  in Bagatti Valsecchi museum with Rossana Orlandi gallery ,and  the new ” Fleting Clocks collection,” and Panta Rei at Rossana Orlandi gallery.
2104-Exemplary 150 years of MAk, (Viena, AUSTRIA)presentation inside of collective designers in “From Arts & Craft to Design” exhibition for the celebration of the 150 years of the museum..
2014- Exhibition at Groninger Museum (Groninger, THE NETHERLNADS) Solo exhibition of the work of Nacho Carbonell: inspiration, evolution and transience.
2014- Maison Hermes window Display (Ginza, Tokio, JAPAN) Design of the window display for the shop during november 2014/ january 2015 “Hatch up”
2015-Milan Furniture Fair (Milano, ITALY)
Presentation with sunbrella Textiles, and the launch of the Book “The Rebus Natura” at Rossana Orlandi gallery.
2015- Design Miami/Basel (Basel, SWIZERLAND)
Preciuw  of the new collection for Carpenters Workhop Gallery- Design Miami/Basel
2015-PAD and Frezee London (London, UK)
Solo exhibition all new collection “LIght Mesh” at Carpenters Workhop Gallery London.
2015- Design Miami (Miami, U.S.A)Presentation new pieces from “Light Mesh” collection with CWG,
2016-New Works Only CWG (Paris, France)Group Show with some Light Mesh pieces  at Carpenters Workhop Gallery Paris.

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