20 de abril de 2012


"Hi I'm Maria Imaginário, I'm a young artist from Lisbon, Portugal.
I love to do what I do, and I can't imagine myself in any other way.
I'm passionate about colors, crafts, folk art, cartoons, Lisbon and my friends.

In my artwork I divide my attention between walls and canvas.
... On one hand I paint on canvas with acrylic and embroidery, I intend to share my own imaginary world with a crisp and bittersweet humor.
I also enjoy building installations, my goal is to surround people by creating my own fantastic environment.

On the other hand I paint on the streets.
With my street paintings I want to give more life and joy to the streets of Lisbon, specially in the abandoned buildings down town, I like to use simple drawings and vivid colors.

I'm fully dedicated to my loving dream: letting people see what's inside Maria's head throughout exhibitions, in Portugal and around the globe"

The Influx Contemporary Art Gallery held the Lowbra group show with 5 Portuguese female artists.
I decided to paint two well known female characters from popular culture.The first being the luxurious Marie Antoinette from a royal background and then also Maria Albertina, a typical & simple portuguese girl from the countryside. I created an environment that unites the two portraits by hand crafting thousands of paper flowers
Maria Albertina100 x 100 cm | 40 x 40 inches
Acrylic and embroidery on cavas    2012

Marie Antoinette100 x 70cm | 40 x 28 inches
Acrylic on canvas     2012

I was invited by the Lisbon city council to participate in a group show with some of the female Portuguese street artists.
I chose a girly theme that I considered representative of my work.
I decided to work in a series of porcelain pieces that I have been collecting. I hand painted them with acrylic and finished it with a matte varnish.
Some pieces are still available. Feel free to contact me for more information / photos / prices.

Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls
Beyond Walls
Além Paredes / Beyond Walls
Galeria António Prates . Lisboa / António Prates Gallery . Lisbon
Exposição Colectiva / Group Show
Maria Imaginário, Robert Proch, Costah, Dalaiama, EL ST, MaisMenos, Mar, Pantónio,
Ram, Target, Yup/ Paulo Arraiano

Coraçãozinho de merda

Solo show, Oct 2010 at Montana Gallery Lisbon
 O Coraçãozinho de Merda é o que é. Sofredor por natureza, crente e utópico, destoa do resto do mundo cruel e indiferente. Este coração é melancólico porque sente, porque leva as maiores sovas de sempre. No entanto, que podemos nós dizer? Que os coraçõezinhos são todos uma papa nojenta que se desfaz quando sofremos? A resposta é simples, são. Mas eles não sabem ser de outra maneira, e afinal de contas toda a gente os adora. Mas este coração é especial, por mais cicatrizes que tenha, levanta-se dorido e põe os punhos no alto.

Bem-vindos, ao estandarte da perseverança.
 O Coraçãozinho de Merda, é só o mais puro.

My solo show on oct 2010 at Montana Gallery Lisbon

Coração, s.m. orgão central da circulação do sangue, está localizado entre os pulmões, musculoso, oco e de froma cónia; (fig) centro das sensações, percepções e emoções, pessoa considerada sob o ponto de vista afectivo; vida interior; sensiblidade moral; consciência; coragem; ânimo; valor; compaixão; amor; piedade; afecto; paixão.

My big big sad heart     1,50 m x 180 m x 1 m

Punchline    Acrylic on 300 gsm paper, 29x21 cm

Plenty of fish in the sea.
Acrylic on 300 gsm paper,   17x17 cm | 17x17 cm   27 x 36 cm

Acrylic on 300 gsm paper,    40 x 29 cm

Vampire - detail
Acrylic on 300 gsm paper,    40 x 29 cm

Coraçãozinho de Merda - Solo show
Little Shitty Heart
Acrylic on old poster.     70 x 50 cm

Coraçãozinho de Merda - Solo show
Eu estou bem / I'm fine
50 x 50 cm  Acrylic on wood, fabric, embroidery

Game Over - detail
23 x 23 x 2,5 cm    Acrylic on 300 gsm paper, fabric, embroidery

Game Over - detail
23 x 23 x 2,5 cm  Acrylic on 300 gsm paper, fabric, embroidery

Íman - Detail
18 x 15 | 18 x 15 cm     Acrylic on 300 gsm paper

Je suis très Mal(ade)
Acrylic on 300 gsm paper, fabric, embroidery
17,5x 17 cm | 9x9 cm


My illustration work in Lisbon, based on my love for this city.
Dellicious was an idea that i had to cover the grey spots and abandoned buildings in cities with icecreams, specially my beloved Lisbon.
This project 'Dellicious' (yes, spelled with two 'L's), from 2005 to 2009 was based mainly in Lisbon where I did more than a hundred icecreams

Sorry pink dude, I don't know what to call you yet....

The Secret Life of Vegetables

This was my third solo show held at Galeria Dama Aflita in Oporto.

Saying to my my friends: “Have you noticed how beautiful the endive is?” this saying became the dish of the day in recent months. I am obsessed with things I can not explain. It happened to me so I looked at the forms of an artichoke. I decided from that moment that I had to paint it and give it a story! Then I thought: “And why not other vegetables and other stories?” I did not stop to investigate them when looking at them with fascination. So this journey by my garden began, where I watered my vegetables with a lot of ink and imagination.

Rainha Alcachofra | Queen ArtichokeAcrylic on canvas
70 X 70 cm / 27,5 x 27,5 inches   2012

A caçar e a comer não te fies no prazerAcrylic on canvas
60 x 60 cm / 24 x 24 inches   2012

Amor com sabor se pagaAcrylic on canvas
60 x 60 cm / 24 x 24 inches   2012

Usturoi Vampiri | Garlic Vampire
Acrylic on a slab of cork tree
45 cm / 17 inches    2012

Batata ao murro | Smashed Potato
Acrylic on a slab of cork tree
45 cm / 17 inches   2012

BroccoliAcrylic on a slab of cork tree
45 cm / 17 inches  2012

Lágrimas de crocodilo | Crocodile tears
Acrylic on a slab of cork tree
45 cm / 17 inches   2012

Hot Mamma
Acrylic on a slab of cork tree
45 cm / 17 inches  2012

Super Bean!Acrylic on a slab of cork tree
45 cm / 17 inches   2012


Trusting your heart to others is so hard sometimes.
This painting was made for Good Times Will Roll collective show at High Rollers Gallery in London.

70x70 cm | 27.5 x 27.5 inches
Acrylic on canvas 2012


Circus group show at Maus Hábitos, Oporto
Love needs balance but is so hard to keep... The juggling that our heart does constantly was my main inspiration for this painting.
For this group show I shared a room with some cool portuguese artists like Min, Hey Mikel and Mariana a Miserável . We decided to paint the walls of our room in a way that people could feel like entering into a circus.

The balance of Love100 x 50 cm | 38 x 20 inches
Acrylic on wood   2012


This three canvases are part of the Oniric group exhibition at MondoPop International gallery
if you are interested please contact me, or MondoPop .
Pet CloudThis work is all about being a optimistic
40 x 40 cm | 16 x 16 inhces
Acrylic and embroidery on cavas   2012

Yeti 40 x 40 cm | 16 x 16 inhces
Acrylic and embroidery on cavas   2012

She-ra and Swiftwind (version of the sea)I decided to reivent one of my heros as a child she-ra and mix it up with Ariel.
When I was little I always dream about being one of them.
40 x 40 cm | 16 x 16 inhces
Acrylic on canvas  2012

WINE TALKS & ARTS" Quando o vinho entra o juízo sai "
This exhibition was organized by the innovative wine brand Adega Mayor at the famous Galeria da Boavista in Lisbon.
To build this instalation was quite a challenge for me, but was worth it!

3 x 3 meters | 118 x 118 inches.
50 x 50 cm | 19.7 x 19.7 inches
graphite and color pencil on fabriano paper.
Glass Bottles
spray, acrylic and matt varnish.


This initiative was created by the Lisbon City Hall along with Gau - Gabinete de Arte urbana, where five street artists were invited to embellish the garbage trucks that move through our city.
I tried to transform the ugly and dirty machine into the opposite, something simple and fun to watch while it is driving around the streets.
Everytime I see my garbage truck pass right me I can't help smiling.
This work was very rewarding.

Morran ♡
A book with great illustrators from all over ther world
All profit will go to WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals - Sweden (WSPA international)
To order this book please check Studio Morran online shop.
I'm verry happy about this contribution for Studio Morran book.
Morran and Camilla were always a true inspiration for me, while I was growing up.

17 x 17 cm | 6.7 x 6.7 inches
Acrylic, embroidery and fabric on canvas paper.   2011


These works were created for the group show "After the Utopia" " where some of the coolest portuguese illustrators showed their views on our revolution on the 25th of April 74, the portuguese freedom day at the Acquire Arts Gallery.
This exhibition was curated by Plasticina London.

After the Utopia
50x70 cm | 20 x 27 inches
Acrylic and embroidery on canvas  2011

Me and Mariana a Miserável, always thought that history classes were boring. And because we've been having quite a boring life for the past few months we decided to have some fun and paint Another History... Coming soon!!

minha ilustração para os postais de natal da AZP ( Associação Zoófila Portuguesa, AZP, defesa direitos animais )
Decidi não usar o tema do natal nestes postais pois para os animais abandonados o natal é um dia como os outros, decidi antes chamar a atenção para o que realmente precisam.
Comida, uma casa, um dono e sentirem-se importantes.

Dia 21 e 22 de Outubro será realizada uma Feira de Papel intitulada A Farrapeira na ESAP – Guimarães.
Onde estarão à venda originais do meu livro "Uma questão de confiança" publicado no início de 2009.
On the 21st and 22nd of October there will be a paper fair called "A Farrapeira" on ESAP - Guimarães.
Original exemplars of my book "Uma Questão de Confiança" from the beginning of 2009 will be on sale there.

Charlotte Cachalote it's y favourite painting!
Tomorrow my brave sperm whale is showing her love in London along with great comtemporary artists like Banksy, Damien Hirst, Kaws or Jeremy fish at the Urban & Contemporary auction at Dreweatts *
If you would like to join the auction and can't go to London you must register yourself on the Drewatts website and can bid for the auction from there.



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