26 de maio de 2017


ArlindoMaunde was born in Mozambican in 1969 and lives in Johannesburg since 1988.
Self-thought artist, he started appreciating art at a tender age, and since growing without artworks in his own house, was captivated by what he saw in other people’s houses – thus, the interest in making art started taking place.
During his childhood, on his way to school, he used to pass through MalangatanaNgwenha’s house (one of the well-known Mozambican artists)who someway inspired him the most.
Arlindo during his art career explored different medium, techniques and subjects, having explored the most pallet knife and some delicate brush strokes on canvas doing portraits and wildlife as subjects.
Recently he found other interesting ways in doing his work, one of which, the rough textures in his recent portraitsadding to them a unique sense of what he calls “the strokes of life” – “one needs to come out of comfort zone to realize the power within”. He said. Oil and Acrylic on canvas has been always his favourite.
He has featured in many group exhibitions in South Africa and abroad, and his works has been bought by many collectors and art lovers around the globe.

Arlindo Maunde is a self-thought artist from Mozambique who is known for his energetic portraits and paintings of wildlife. Throughout his career, Arlindo Maunde has experimented with a variety of media and techniques but oil and acrylic on canvas remain the artist’s favorite to date. Recently, Arlindo Maunde experimented with textures and discovered other interesting ways of creating his mesmerizing artworks thus opening a new phase in his artistic development.
Arlindo Maunde was born in Inhabane Province, Mozambique in 1969. He started to show interest in art in an early age and was often fascinated by artworks he has seen in other people’s houses. During the tender years of his childhood, the artist was particularly inspired by the residence of one of the most famous Mozambican artists Malangatana Ngwenha along which he used to pass by on his way to school. In 1988, the painter moved to Johannesburg in South Africa, where he continued to develop his recognizable style. In 1989 he began to paint professionally. On the same year, Arlindo Maunde sold his first painting, but it wasn’t until 1996 that he resigned his job of a delivery man at South African Breweries to become a full-time artist.

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