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Odeith nasceu em Lisboa, em 1976, começou a pintar graffiti em 1996 com o tag de Eith, e apenas se dedicava ao bombing em muros e em linhas de comboio. Em 1998 dedicou-se aos grandes murais nas zonas da Damaia , de Lisboa , de Carcavelos… No ano 1999 começou a tatuar na Amadora e, um ano depois, conseguiu abrir o seu próprio estúdio de Tatuagens, em Benfica, “Estúdio EITH”, que veio a encerrar em 2008. Actualmente, tatua no domicílio de clientes que juntou ao longo dos últimos 10 anos.
Odeith was born in 1976 Lisbon, The year of the start of much devotion was in 1996 in the Lisbon area.The first 2 years had been dedicated to bombing, but it would be in 1998 with the tag “Eith” that would come to disclose the great passion for big murals. The same year he would obtain the 1º place in the graffiti contest of Oeiras one of the main competitions of graffiti in Portugal. After 10 years following the normality of the Graffiti and exploring some styles. The first experiments in 2005 appear to paint letterings with visual effect, painted half in the soil half in another wall or, in a bigger number of walls mixing the painture with real objects and shading them to create a greater illusion. A style that was a materialized stage, therefore to obtain something that he never had seen, nowadays are not easy, because there are a big amount of great artists. Being a style that can´t be carried through to any spot, and in some cases it will lose the visual effect when seen from another angle.However graffiti is a battle for the optimum style, with optimum detail, with optimum train, travel in photos on the Internet, what it brings power to the works of this type that Odeith desires to join!The next stage will be to try illusions with Characters.
1600 × 1200


Local: Rua das Murtas - Lisboa
Evocando o dia mundial da saúde mental, iniciaram-se no passado dia 10 de Outubro, as intervenções artísticas no muro do Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa, à Rua das Murtas.No âmbito da parceria entre a Galeria de Arte Urbana e a Administração daquele Hospital, convidaram-se os criadores Aspen, Eime, José Carvalho, Mar, Miguel Ayako, Nark, Nomen, Odeith, Robô, Slap, Smile, a produzirem algo do que sabem fazer melhor – o rosto. Neste que será um dos maiores muros dedicados à arte urbana na cidade de Lisboa, com cerca de 1km de extensão. Aqui ficam algumas imagens da execução dos trabalhos


 During my time in Lisbon I was lucky enough to meet Odeith, also known as ‘The Illusionist’. His technical ability to trick viewers into seeing his work burst off walls stands out above the vast majority of 3D graffiti writers. A professional muralist and tattooist, himself heavily tattooed, I remember Odeith pulling up to the paint store where I met him in an aging black BMW, complete with a massive exhaust pipe and tinted windows. People in his neighbourhood of Damaia will gladly provide Odeith with paint for his murals. If you could close your eyes and imagine a ‘graffiti king’ then Odeith just overtook him in a pimping car.


I wrote the Portuguese for ‘HATE’ in my first piece. I thought there would probably be a lot of people writing ‘hate’ around the world so I made a few pieces writing EYTH. I don’t know why but I decided to change the “y” for an “i”. After 8 years of writing I wanted something that sounded Portuguese – here’s the tricky part; pay attention! In Portuguese ODEIO-TE means “I HATE YOU” and when you say Odeith it has the same sound. I kept the old ‘Eith’ and now it sounds Portuguese!
When I started writing I think there were only 5 - 6 graffiti writers in Portugal. I used to buy a famous magazine called Hip-Hop Connection only because there were 2 - 3 graffiti pages in the middle. It was a good start to see different graffiti / art from everywhere.


art crimes
726 x 834


letters and juice!!!!

Odeith - Intendente - Anjos - 2012 — em Largo do Intendente.






















Odeith 2010 - P0rta da Cova da Moura






este é so mesmo para as mulheres:) Odeith-2007



amoreiras 2006 odeith


carcavelos 2oo7 odeith


odeith 2006 portela de sintra



peace bro - killa villa — com josé rui dias em Vila Nova De Caparica


old patterns! — em Damaia De Cima.

bla bla bla...


Odeith 2012

damaia — com Eith Odeith.
DEDICATED! — com Dedicated Lisboa
...nos Anjos - Lisboa
 Almirante Reis inicio do sec. XX


 este é tão fresco que a foto ainda não secou;)
 odivelas represent!
yo goya!!!

and this is me drinking some tea with the queen in her palace:)
 london 2012

londres 2012 - i love this tunnel:)

olha a sério curto pintar letras;)

odeith - vile - 2012 - vfx — com Vile Lgn




carcavelos com Wize e Exas - vejam ai em grande...one love



londres - 2011



slb slb slb GLORIOSO slb , Glo...
SLB odeith 2011 tunel da luz
tunel do estadio da luz...odeith 2011 S.L.B.

Sevilla - andromeda


you never imagined...


ram nomen odeith - 2011



Amilcar Cabral - festa do avante - 2011 -
oeiras - - praia da torre - 2011 - nomen vile odeith

a different prespective.....


you need balls to make it!!!!!!!

paco de arcos

vila franca de xira


hoje é o ultimo dia para votarem
bora la ppl

odeith & molin - barreiro

2007 - portela de sintra

vfx 2013 - back lights — com Eith Odeith em Vila Franca de Xira, Lisboa.

Just testing new stuff!!!

Richard Pryor in Louisiana - Baton Rouge - Odeith 2012

Odeith - Master Mind - Baton Rouge - Louisiana
 thanks Kevin Harris

baton rouge - louisiana - 2012 — em Baton Rouge.


have a nice weekend!!! — em Damaia De Cima.

honestly your space theories crashed my heart!!!!:)
 ...aparte 1lov Ivan!

DO you mind if I call this a "SKETCH"?? :)
 ok, ok... sketch from the future!!!!ahahah

special occasion - palmtree coffee — com Cafecervejaria Palmeira.

 apologize to all who have commented and made like on this photo.
i remove it because there was a grammatical error.


Odeith - Vile
Anjos — com Eith Odeith e Vile Lgn em mercado do forno do tijolo.








portela - yo Ram!


2001 copic sketch

Odeith - "Nico a noite" entrevistado pelo Nicolau Breyner - 2011 ...este foi um grande momento...ser valorizado por anos de dedicação...brevemente irei colocar a entrevista no meu site..

Odeith - an interview to a portuguese talk show in 2011





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