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It specializes in custom lettering with a sense of liveliness and life was affected by calligraphy, graffiti artist based in Hiroshima. As well as activities in the country, we will evolve their own style of doing the project Le Murat and various local artists around the world. After participating in the "X-COLOR" exhibition graffiti first large-scale domestic, which was held at Art Tower Mito in 2005, rapidly expanding the scale of activity, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, receive an invitation from an exhibition of various countries such as South Korea. And in recent years has continued to broaden the scope of representation in various directions not only as a medium wall expressions, such as providing remote artwork Wall Disney, Dr Pepper, even to such as ECKO.
Graffiti artist SUIKO was born in Oita, Japan. He grew up in Hiroshima and the city became the base for all of his artistic activities. Becoming interested in graffiti in high school, SUIKO started painting on walls after graduation. Focusing on letters, his work is expressive and full of bubbling shapes, dynamic line, and vibrant color schemes. Traveling throughout Japan, Europe, and other parts of Asia, SUIKO looks forward to working with artists from around the world whose style and cultural backgrounds are different from his own. These experiences along with calligraphy and Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) inspired his dynamic Chinese character designs, which have become his original style. SUIKO lives and works in Japan and is considered one of the country’s leading graffiti writers.


Hiroshima - 1 999 "PROJECT utilize outdoor space" live paint (sponsored by Hiroshima)
over 2002-03 stay in Germany, Europe.
Large mural of x 40m-5m Hiroshima 2003. (Outer wall junior high Koiue Hiroshima City)
2,003    Club JB'S - Nagoya (solo)
Parco Cafe Libro Hiroshima Hiroshima - 2005 (solo)
2005    Aichi - "EXPO graffiti artists Expo 2005 in the World "
2005    - Ibaraki "X-color / graffiti "inJapan Exhibition (city center Gallery + Art Tower Mito)
2005    Tokyo - "" KUNST-AKTION BERLIN-TOKYO! Exhibition (Yoyogi Park)
2005    - Tokyo "~ sui ~ chic" GRAFFITIWRITERZ Charity Auction Galleries
- Okayama two thousand and six KILLER KILLER " "FANTASTIC BOMB Exhibition (Slogadh463)
2 006    - Hiroshima GARYU × SUIKO "" Exhibition (Shinchi gallery-1, 2,3)
2 006    Brighton - "Join GRAPHOTISM-SLEEPING GIANTS" graffiti jam.
2006    - London "PASSING CLOUDS" live in the inner wall painting gallery.
2006    - Busan "Ballerina who loved B-Boy" produced jointly by Japan and South Korea a large mural of 20m x 40m.


- 2007 Hiroshima Art Project "in the former factory" producing large Myuraru 12M × 15M.
2007    - Kichijoji - Tokyo "Mays Wanbiru" produced a large Myuraru 15M × 20M.
2007    - Kanagawa "on the wall Sakuragicho" participation. (Sponsored by the City of Yokohama)
2007    - Osaka "SUMMER SONIC" Live Paint
2007    - Los Angeles "Karan Koron Art Exhibition" group show.
Hiroshima 2008 - "UNGLASSIC " Exhibition (BROOKLYN PROJECTS) (solo)
2008    Niigata - "Agitate Phase4 " Exhibition (N7 gallery and gallery Angle)
2008    Los Angeles - "BLOC28 by disney"
2,008    Hiroshima - Hiroshima " - Art Project brackish 3M x " produced Myuraru of 17M.
2008    Melbourne - "No Comply 2,008 " ( No Vacancy Gallery) group exhibitions.
2008    Paris - "400 ml " ( La maison des Metallos) group exhibitions.
2008    Miami - "GINZATROPICALIA " Exhibition (Art Basel Miami Beach)
Hong Kong 2009 - " @ TIMES SQUARE BLOC28 Disney " Exhibition
Osaka 2,010 - " Crazy Crimers " live painting in the inner wall gallery (CASO)
2010    Chiba - " SAKURA "Live Paint (CHAKKA STUDIO)
two thousand and ten    Shanghai - " CELEBRATE originality "graffiti campaign ADIDAS
2010    Germany - "La grande Schmirage2" graffiti guest JAM
2010    Brazil - "FINE ART GRAFFITI" Exhibition (MUBE)
2,010    (AGIT) Exhibition "URBAN CONNECTION" group - Busan
2011    Israel - "CASTRO STREET PROJECT"
2 011    Exhibition - "SUIKO feat POPYOIL en -." (BROOKLYN PROJECTS) Hiroshima
2011    San Francisco Exhibition - "Fast Forward" group (1AM gallery)
2,011    Tokyo - "OILWORKS TECHNICS" Live Paint (Eleven)
2011    - Hiroshima " GRAFFITI MURAL PROJECT "curation (Hiroshima CHRYSLER / Jeep / DODGE)
2,012    Nagano - "TOKONOMA" SUIKO x SKOPE from Singapore (and Kawamoto / Nozawa)
2012    Turkey - "Meeting of Allstars" graffiti JAM Guest

(Published related books, magazines)

Monthly 2 001 "SPOON" February issue - (posted Intavu~yu)
two thousand and three monthly magazine "FLASH MAGAZINE" / Germany May issue - (Intavu~yu published)
2003    monthly magazine "BLAST" published "1/1000" December issue, following April Posting the same issue
two thousand and four   "STYLEFILE" . BLACKBOOK.SESSIONS # 2, # / Germany posted three
2,004    MAGAZINE8 wind "Germany report" - (Intavu~yu published)
2004    GRAFFITI WORLD / Germany Company / Thames and Hudson published
quarterly 2 005 "ART it" the first No. 9, "Graffiti Is Art?" (posted comments)
2005    monthly magazine "STUDIO VOICE" "Graffiti" extended the December issue (guest symposium)
2005    " X-COLOR Graffiti in p " Company / FOIL
2 006   "LOGOMONDO" / Graphics, Inc.
2 006    SpaceShower TV "BLACKFILE-BURNOUT" Guest - (Cast Intavu~yu)
2 007 monthly magazine "RAMPAGE" January issue - (Intavu~yu published)
2,007    " Scratch on the wall " - (Intavu~yu published) Inc. / interactions Blues
2007    " RACKGAKI " - (posted Intavu~yu) / United Kingdom
2 007    GRAFFITI MAGAZINE four 1 - (Intavu~yu published) / England
2008   Art Project "in the former factory" Hiroshima Art Project Executive Committee /
two thousand and eight    "G RAFFITI JAPAN "Mark Batty Publisher , Inc. (Intavu~yu - Live) /

2008    monthly magazine "Ollie" "ART GARAGE" August issue - (Intavu~yu published)
2008    " Art Hiroshima Hiroshima Foundation will be published in December "
2008    GRAFFBOMBZ forty-two MAGAZINE - (Intavu~yu published) / France
2012    "ONCEAGAIN" (published article) Hong Kong /



Scratch on the wall

Graffiti Japan

Castle magazine






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